Our focus is on efficiently clearing new content with an enjoyable group of people. Our raiders are focused, enjoy continuously improving their play, and come prepared each and every night. If this sounds like the way that you approach the game as well, then we might be a great fit for you. Please see our raid teams’ recruitment status below.

Tuesday / Wednesday 6-9pm PST
Current Openings:

– Enhance Shaman

Even if you do not see a current opening, we encourage all interested raiders who approach the game in a similar manner to get in touch! If you have an irregular schedule but would like the opportunity to fill in on occasion, we have a place for you. If you’re not looking to raid, but are a nice person looking for other nice folks to run dungeons with, we might fit the bill for you as well.

To take the next step towards raiding with us in TBC, please visit us on Discord. An application is available in the Welcome channel.

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